30 September 2008


The AIDWA strongly condemns the failure of the Orissa police to arrest the Sangh Parivar cadres accused of brutally gang raping a young nun on August 25 at K. Nuagaon, in Kandhamal district of Orissa. Shockingly, the assault was carried out in full public view, right in front of a police outpost with 12 policemen from the Orissa State Armed Police present and watching the atrocity. The attackers also grievously injured a priest and doused him with kerosene when he courageously tried to resist them. It is outrageous that despite the fact that both victims filed FIRs on the same day, not a single arrest has been made in the case although it is now over a month since the incident took place. Equally shocking is the inaction on the part of the Chief Minister of Orissa who has been apprised of the facts.


The Sangh Parivar's attacks on the Christian and Muslim minorities are acts of terrorism that target the secular fabric of our nation. We express our deep concern about the vicious communal campaign of the Bajrang Dal-RSS-VHP-BJP combine all over the country. There has been a huge escalation in the violence against minorities, and the targeting of women. The support extended by the state apparatus in Orissa and in Karnataka in the spread of this venom is an extremely disturbing development.


AIDWA calls on all democratic and secular forces to immediately join hands and prevent the spread of communal hatred and violence. AIDWA will hold demonstrations across the country in the first week of October to demand the arrest of the gang rape accused in Orissa, and to condemn the continuing attacks on Christian minorities by the Sangh Parivar.