Atrocities On Women

Honour Killing in Vasai

8 August , 2004 K K Prakasan     INCIDENTS of brutal violence against young couples, who defy community barriers through self-choice marriages, are occurring in different parts of the country at an alarming frequency. Not only the individuals who enter into inter-community marriages but quite often one of the families and, in some cases, entire communities find themselves at the receiving end of the worst forms of &l...

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Submission to Justice Verma Committee from National Women's Organisations 5th Jan.2013

Submission to the Justice Verma Committee Dear Justice Verma and other members of the Committee, We, the undersigned, are women’s organizations and others who have been engaged in the struggle for amendments to the substantive and procedural laws related to sexual assaults for the last 20 years and more. We have also had several meetings in this period with the administration and the Police including the Commissioner of Police, Delhi to urge them to take adequate steps to ensure the safety and security of women in our country. While we understand that the terms of reference of the...

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Memorandum to Home Minister on 15th Jan.2013

Date: 15th Jan.2013 To, The Union Minister for Home Affairs, Government of India New Delhi-110001 Dear Shri Shinde ji, Thank you for meeting our delegation on the issues concerning the rape victims from Haryana. We brought to your notice 11 specific cases with the details given in the memorandum submitted by the Akhil Bharatiya Janwadi Mahila Samily (AIDWA) who have been following the cases. Among the 11 cases, two cases are of children aged between four and six, one is a disabled girl who is blind and can neither hear nor speak, aged around 13, two are adolescents age...

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ON VIOLATION OF PcPNDT ACT IN NOIDA 7 December 2007 The recent expose’ by the BBC of a doctor in NOIDA who had disclosed the sex of the foetus in violation of the PcPNDT Act once again brings to the fore the widespread prevalence of sex selection, even in the capital city of Delhi. AIDWA welcomes the immediate steps taken by the Appropriate Authority to seize the equipment and seal the concerned clinic. However, the general trend towards delay in the investigation of such cases (as in the 42 instances of sting operations in Rajasthan which are pending in Court for the past one and a h...

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p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; JANWADI MAHILA SANGHATANA WELCOMES HC JUDGEMENT DISMISSING PETITION FOR SEX SELECTION BEFORE CONCEPTION   9 September 2007   Akhil Bharatiya Janwadi Mahila Sanghatana (AIDWA) welcomes the dismissal by the Mumbai High Court of a couple’s petition seeking to undergo pre-conception medical procedures that would ensure them a male child. The petitioners had argued that as an ‘affluent’ couple that already had two daughters, they had a right to use sex selection technology in order to have a ‘balanced’ family. They had theref...

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Memorandum to Honorable Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare

MEMORANDUM TO HONORABLE UNION MINISTER OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA 19th May 2006 To, Dr. A. Ramadoss, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi We, representatives of Women’s Organizations, Health Networks, Civil Rights Groups would like to draw your attention to the ongoing sex selection and subsequent selective abortion of female foetuses all over the country irrespective of the existing PC & PNDT Act. 1More than 40 lakh girls have been aborted before birth since the PNDT Act was enacted in September 1994. But as of today, only...

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